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About Organazation

Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre was established in 1987, is an independent non-governmental organization LACC is a pioneer in the field of providing free legal aid and combating gender based violence for promoting women’s access to justice. It was founded by Prof. Dr Shanta Thapalia accompanying with women group of lawyers with the goal of promoting and protecting the rights and interests of women and children in Nepal. LACC is dedicated to protect and promote the dignity, well-being and rights of women and children in Nepal.

It is committed to uplifting the social, political, legal, economic and cultural status of women and children, defending their interests and eliminating all forms of discrimination and violence against them.


Vision: Creation of an equitable and legally just society.

Mission: LACC will be active in establishing rule of Law, strengthen law enforcement mechanisms and institutions, non-discrimination and inclusice, equitable society for women and children propagating human rights throuth Legal Aid, advocacy and empowerment.

Goal: Protection and Promotion of human rights of women and children by eliminating all forms of exploitation, discrimination and voilence.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Incease access to justice for sexual gender based violence and civil conflict related rights violations cases of women and children.
  • Reduce gender based violence.
  • Improvement in policies and laws for gender equality and eliminate discriminatory laws by influencing legislative reform through drafting and forwarding porposed bills, ad extensive lobbying.
  • Increase awareness among families, communities on the rights of women and children to change their behavior and to respect those rights.
  • Increase awareness among policy makers, policy implementers on the rights of women and children and act accordingly.
  • Increase capacity of lawyers, activists, journalists, leaders and low students to develop expertise ad pool of human resources.
  • Promotion of a culture of peace through reintegration of conflict affected women and children.
  • Develop critical understanding of the role of lwa in women's lices through legal research and encourge and prepare women to play a leading role in Nepal's social and economic development


What is LACC and what it does?

LACC is a pioneer organization led and run by women advocate for over 30 years with the aim to promote human rights and humanity. LACC was established in 1987 and the first organization to provide free legal services and advocacy for women and children. We have a committed team of dedicated female lawyers and experts as well as helpline for counseling, mediation, pleading, drafting court representation and implementation of cases, free of charge to all our clients. LACC also helped lead the property rights movement for women that led to successful policy change back in 2059 B.S. We conduct research to find the gaps in policies and advocate for policy changes, proper implementation existing laws and policies and amendment. We also organize different outreach programs such as mobile camps in communities and legal awareness campaigns for women at the grass root level. Most importantly, LACC is building a future generation of strong female lawyers through mentoring, clinical legal education,capacity building and leadership trainings. 

Working Strategy:

As a pioneer legal resource organization, it is dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of women, development of their socio-legal status and protection of child rights. LACC's approach to combating injustice is comprehensive and interconnected. Provision of institutional free legal aid is LACC’s core service. This service includes telephone counseling, initial psycho-social counseling, mediation, legal advice, paralegal services and case representation. LACC is committed in achieving its aims through different areas covering policy intervention, human rights training, dissemination of legal information, sensitisation, documentation, fact-finding, research, publications, advocacy campaigns, lobbying, and networking. Besides these LACC has also been involved in drafting of legislative bills and legal publication activities.

The organisation works in three levels:

Policy level

The organisation has been lobbying the Government to meet its obligations under international human rights instruments to which the Government of Nepal (GoN) is a signatory. Collaboration with likeminded organisations to influence legislative reform and public policy, conduct research and providing legal inputs, guidance and recommendations to law makers, is yet other endeavour of LACC to pressurise Government for empowerment and equitable development.

Regional Level

At the regional level, LACC undertakes its activities such as free legal aid, advocacy cum awareness programmes, sensitisation programmes, workshops, seminars and so on. The other main activity in regional level includes are training, research and publication.

Grassroots level

 LACC believes that unless and until the grassroots communities are empowered, real and equitable development is far to attain. Thus keeping the motto to uplift the standard of grassroots communities, LACC has been organising various activities from time to time. The activities LACC has been organising in grassroots level are - awareness raising for gender sensitisation, survey studies, Legal publications, Advocacy and training on equal property rights, vital registration and citizenship rights, Advocacy on Sustainable development goals, Legal literacy and so on. 


Current Executive Board

- Anita Neupane Thapalia – Chair Person

- Prof. Dr. Sabitri Malla – Vice Chair Person

- Advocate Rabina Shresha – General Secretary

- Ms. Hemlata Mudbhari Dhital – Treasurer

- Advocate Shital Subedi – Member

- Advocate Uma Tamang - Member

- Advocate Sajani Joshi – Member

- Assistant Prof Manisha Poudel – Member 

- Ms. Manju Pandey - Member


Founder of LACC

- Prof. Dr. Shanta Thapalia

- Dr. Sudhakar Anil Thapalia - Member

- Adv. Mahendra Prasai - Member

- Adv. Suryakiran Gurung - Member

- Adv.Santam Singh Khadka - Member


Advisory of LACC

- Adv. Mahendra Prasai

-  Prof. Dr. Shashi Adhikary (former chairperson of LACC)

- Sr. Adv. Bijaya Kanta Mainali