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Paralegal trainings

Paralegal trainings: To enhance the capacity of the local paralegals to handle legal identity cases of ultra poor and marginalized communities and contribute them to obtain their vital registration certificates, LACC organized trainings in Jhapa and Kanchanpur districts on 25- 26 Nov. and 23-24 Dec. respectively. Skill building sessions and capacity enhancement sessions were organized for the paralegals which included sessions on mediation, leadership and communication. The paralegals were introduced to the new federal structure and roles of various government authorities and the facilitation role of paralegal in making accessible justice for all. They were introduced to the concept of ‘seed money’ and its use for economical empowerment which enhanced financial literacy of the paralegals.

A sharing meeting between paralegals on the challenges they face while working in the community. It provided a platform to share, mitigate and learn from each other while facilitating the process of acquiring vital registration documents along with citizenship certificate.

People are attracted more towards social security scheme provided by government. An old woman with her family making her citizenship at the age of 75, to get the ‘old age allowance’ provided by the government.