Support from the following organizations has allowed LACC to implement a wide range of programs:

·         ActionAid

·         Asia Foundation

·         DANIDA

·         Foundation Open Society Institute

·         German Development Service

·         ILO/EPEC

·         NEDA

·         UNICEF

·         USAID

·         Many other international organizations devoted to the advancement the rights of women and children,

          legislative reform, legal aid, female empowerment and gender equality.

LACC’s major partners are the Asia Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, Justice Initiatives and the German Development Service. LACC is highly interested in forming new partnerships to increase its outreach and impact.


LACC collaborates with governmental, regional, national and international agencies and organizations that are committed to the protection and promotion of women’s and children’s rights. It actively participates in forums, conferences and seminars concerning the social, legal, economic and cultural status of women and children in Nepal.

LACC regularly works with governmental organizations and NGO’s including:

  • District Police (Women’s Cell)
  • Chief District Officers
  • Women Security Pressure Group
  • National Monitoring Network on Women's Rights
  • National Network on Domestic Violence
  • Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee
  • Women Action for Transformational Change
  • Shaytra (Children's Rights Network)
  • District Women’s Rights Concern Centre
  • District Bar Association
  • District Courts
  • CEDAW, CRC, ICCPR , ESCR Committee Network
  • The United Nations through preparation of the Periodic Report which is submitted to the United Nations Headquarters in New York