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Kathmandu/Lalitpur (Main Office)

The Main Office is located in Manbahwan, South of Kathmandu, in the District of Lalitpur. The office was first established in 1987 and LACC is fortunate to have its own office building next to the well known AVM School.

Currently 6 full time female lawyers offer their legal services, one of them also functions as the publication officer. The management team is made up of three staff members; the Director, the Program Officer, the Legal Advisor along with President. The office further employs four administrational staff members.

The LACC Main Office caters to the wide areas of Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur Districts, which have the highest population density and population growth rates and leads to the high demand of legal services for women.

Most donor and LACC funded programs are acquired and designed by the management team in the main office as well as advocacy and lobby campaigns; which target the law making bodies in the capital and the creation of Media Campaigns and Publications.......

Executive Chairperson : Anita Thapalia

Program Director : Dipak Prasad Bashyal

Advocate / Project Coordinator : Chandesowari Tandukar

Advocate /Project Coordinator : Punyashila Dawadi

Advocate Sakuntala Basnet

Advocate/ Project Coordinator Anjana Khanal

Project Coordinator : Samjhana Ghimire

Finance Officer : Sita Bashyal

Finance Officer : Sagun Satyal

Admin Asst./Librarian : Babita Tandukar

Office Assistant : Nawaraj Thapalia

Cook/Cleaner : Harimaya Magar

Night Guard : Chandra Bdr. Ale Magar



LACC's district office in Kanchanpur was established in 2006 and is staffed with one female and one male lawyer. The district is situated in Far Western Region and contains 19 VDCs. The women's literacy rate over there is 46.9% which is below the national average. In the rural areas of the district the level of women's education is much lower. As all districts of the Far Western region is subject to very traditional gender views and drastically affected by gender based violence, e.g. the practice of 'chaupadi' is widespread. According to this tradition, menstruating women or those who have just delivered, need to stay outside in a cowshed in isolation from other family members and are not allowed to touch or share food with others. In its awareness raising programs, the local LACC sensitizes about the harmfulness of chaupadi.

LACC's services are much appreciated in the region and strongly help to decrease the high under-reporting of gender based violence cases. In the year 2009 the office received as many as 232 client cases. ......

Advocate : Poonam Chand

Advocate : Udav Raj Bhatt



LACC's district office in Jhapa was established in 2000 and is staffed with two female lawyers. LACC is the only legal aid provider in the district.

The district is situated in the Eastern Region and counts 47 VDCs. Although the district has a comparable high female literacy rate of 58.7 % and ranks 18 out of 75 districts in terms of its Human Development Index, gender based violence is still a wide-spread phenomenon.

In Jhapa LACC is engaged in the 'Campaign against domestic violence - Eastern Regional Network' which consists of the organizations SOLVE Dhankuta, HURF Ilam and MJK Kakarbhitta. In the future LACC Jhapa will closely cooperate with MJK Kakarbhitta in the organization of legal and social awareness programs in the district. Moreover, the office collects data on the local implementation of women's rights as focal point of the Monitoring Network on Women's Rights of the National Women's Commission.......

Advocate : Uma Karki

Advocate : Dipendra Bhattarai



LACC has extended its work to Banke district. There are advocates appointed who can intervene in the issues of women and children in.......

Advocate : Sunita Sharma



LACC has extended its work to Kavrepalanchwok district. There are advocates appointed who can intervene in the issues of women and children in.............

District Coordinator : Ramesh Humagai

Para Legal Officer : Adv. Ramita Manandhar



LACC has extended its work to Sindupalchowk district. There are advocates appointed who can intervene in the issues of women and children in.......

Distrcit Coordinator : Adv. Chandra Kumar Basnet

Paralegal Officer : Apsara Bhujel