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Gender & Protection in Recovery and Reconstruction, Humanitarian Program, funded by Oxfam

 Main Objective Of The Project

- To develop resource materials on citizenship, vital registration, and role and responsibility of local government in the new federal structure, revision of women leadership training manual and development of citizenship charter

- To facilitate most OXFAM partners of the respective project districts on legal issues concerning citizenship and vital registration

- To support OXFAM partners as a facilitator in raising the awareness of people on issue of legal concern.

- To support in the process of strengthening and networking with local partners.


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Breaking the Cycle funded by EACEA (Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, acting under powers delegated by the European Commission)

 Main Objective Of The Project

- To explore and promote the projects and initiative to combat GBV among youth across world

- To explore the non formal methods to combat gender-based violence to build effective institutional frameworks and governance in the field of GBV by active participation in proposed activities.

- To provide educators in formal and non-formal education with information and tools for working with young people in the prevention of GBV.

- To contribute to policy development on the prevention of GBV in educational contexts on a national and international level.

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Integrated platform for GBV prevention & response - Pilot Project Funded by National women commission (NWC ) / World Bank

Main Objective of The Project

- The project's main objective is to contribute towards easy access to justice for women survivors of violence through free legal aid. 

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Strengthening Access to Justice for women in Nepal through documentation of identity and institutionalizing paralegal services funded by Open Society Foundation (OSF)

Main objective of the project

- To raise the legal identity issue and demonstration of civil society and government partnerships on ensuring access to legal identity documents particularly for women and marginalized groups

- Institutionalization of paralegals to show the effective role paralegals can play in strengthening documentation of identity particularly for vulnerable groups.


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'Legal Desk' for addressing post earthquake cases of gender based violence and marginalized communities funded by AJWS

 Main Objectives Of The Project

- To support for accessing human rights through Legal Help Desk.

- Strengthening the role stakeholders and local communities to response back effectively at the time of disaster


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