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LACC believes that legal research, survey study and data collection through the WRHP and CJC are crucial means of understanding the situation of women and children in Nepal. Furthermore, such information serves as an important indicator of what needs to be changed in political, social and legal realm.
  LACC publishes legal journals and books on law, and its attorneys have contributed legal articles to different journals worldwide. It also prepares legal manual, leaflet containing information about the problems of child labour, child abuse and exploitation, women's right, marriage, polygamy, women's property right and so on. LACC has made the following major (need- based) publications targeting to local people, policy makers and advocates:
  • Family Laws: a course book for BL students, LACC, 1991
  • LACCLENS, LACC 1994-2007 (six monthly publication)
      - articles on domestic violence issues
      - articles on children's rights issues
      - articles on women's property rights issues
      - case studies
  • Customary practices of divorce in Nepal, Dr Shanta Thapalia, LACC, 1995
  • Overview of the Nepalese Law on Marriage
  • Let us know the laws ourselves, LACC, 2007
  • Leaflet containing the Advocacy of Child's rights
  • The Women's Rights helping manual: A legal handbook for phone counseling; LACC, 1999
  • Leaflet containing information about the problems of child labour, abuse and exploitation
  • Self help material on abortion, rape, bigamy, women's property right, divorce and battering
  • Manual on leadership skill development
  • Information Kit on Millennium Development Goal (MDG) eight goals
  • Collection of Child Act and International Conventions on Child issues
  • Manual on Community mediation
  • Yearly Calendar containing legal messages.